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No more Ghostplay

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Hi people who is reading this,

Just a quick announcement:
There is no Discord bots anymore from GhostPlay. So don't bother to make a new account and post spam or join discord server to try to invite a bot who doesn't exits anymore.
The registration is from now on disabled too.

If you really searching for a Discord Moderation bot then you can use mine discord bot. But its not RAINBOW!!!
https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=601026414430519307&permissions=8&scope=bot Its only moderation and Discord essentials based. There is no support for it since most things is straight forward. Prefix is $ because most bots already use ! or something else whats common.

There is no discord server or any FAQ for it, maybe in the future i'm going make a discord server for it to find new people to talk to but there is no need for it.

I will delete this website on 1 june 2021

Any other qeustions you can ask via [email protected]
Not open for further replies.