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[INFO] Rules and information feedback discord bot


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Hi there,

Since there is no one posting feedback or new ideas about the GhostPlay Discord bot I'm going make the thread for an headsup from like hey you can post here all your ideas or feedback what can better or new features. But keep in mind features like api abusing stuff is not showing up. Rainbow role = API abuse. So asking for that is not worth it. You can post for example a music feature in the bot with what functions you want to see. Please explain them correct so our amazing developer That1Welshman can make them if the ideas are worth it.

You can ask too for removing features like for commands what is never been used so there is then room for other stuff.

There are some rules for this section:
- No links about discord invite links or discord bots.
- No screenshot links exclusive imgur.
- No advertising about your product or channel.

Now you see the thread and i say have fun with it. And have a nice day :)