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[INFO] Information and rules User wiki


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Hi there,

Last month or begin of june I made this section for you guys to make tutorials about our Discord bot. The idea for it is that the community (everbody who use the bot) can make tutorials about the bot and if they are good they will be pinned. If they are good good / amazin they will be transferd to the original wiki of GhostPlay. In the thread in the annoucements there is the information too. If you thread is good enough to be transferd you will get a coupon for the ads manager that you can post a banner on our website for a time. So you can then promote your stuff on our website and we get new visitors with the content what you guys posting. So win win situation is it right? :p

When is a thread good?
- Is the information / tutorial good to understand for everyone? yes / no
- Is there an use for pictures / screenshots? yes / no
- Is the layout good to read? yes / no
- is the language good? yes / no

We can fill this on with more things where we look for.

- No bit.ly links
- No other screenshot links then imgur. (so use imgur)
- No advertising for another discord bot / Discord server.
- Watermarks are allowed but don't advertsing anything with it or block sight for your tutorials.

We can fill this on with more rules.

So this is the end of this thread. So happy posting tutorials. And have a nice day! :)