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How to link your Discord account

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Hi there,

Since we are now using the website as verifiction methode for to get the member role in the discord server is there some problems because people don't know how to use a forum....
I will tell you today where and how you can link and unlink your account. If you unlink your discord account you will lose your role in the server since it sync every 15 minutes.
Just an important note: If you are banned from the website then you are now automatic banned for the server too.

We using now the website as a main area to get in contact with you guys since the server gets reported by an cunt. We known who is reporting us and he is making alt accounts over and over to get us reported. He will just try to destory GhostPlay for ever because we don't know why. So lets starts the tutorial :)

Step 1.
If you don't have already an account > Register yourself. To make it easy and quick use the Discord intergration.

Step 2.
Now you are registert to the website. If you did register via the Discord intergration then go to Step 3. If you don't have used the Discord intergration then press on this link: https://gp-support.org/account/connected-accounts/ (open in a new tab).
Now you see all your connected-accounts. If your account was already linked with Discord from last december or what. Unlink it and relink it again, because our last intergration account was banned.
How to unlink:

(Side note: You get notification that we can see your e-mail address etc. But Only this people see your account information: @That1welshman✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™ @slaapkopamy @Navaz your account information is safe and will not got leaken or something.)

Step 3.
Now you have linked your account and have registert on the website, is now the job to find the invite link for the server. We decided to hide the invite link for "public view" that means only if you are loggedin you can see the invite link. This is for keep out unwanted guest in the server.
You can find the invite link under the dropdown menu "Discord" It is called "Join the server"

If you did all steps good then you will get your member role in 15 minutes max. It is good idea to set yourself on online modus or afk modus or whatever because we don't know how it react if you are in offline modus.

So see you in the server i guess :)
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