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Hi @everyone,

Today I am going to post a new thread about some basic rules on the forum. ⚠️We reserve the right to change rules/guidelines at any given time!⚠️
You will notice by seeing the timestamp in the threadtitle.

Don't write messy text/misunderstandable text and threaten other users like you want to be threaten.
Do not post any Discord invites on this forum.
Do not use shortened/suspicious links such as IP loggers, advertising, referals and so on.
You are allowed to use the links from following services:
- Gyazoo
- Imgur
- ShareX
Advertising without given permission from staff is absolutely forbidden.
Spamming, insulting, or any harmful action in the shoutbox will have consequences.
Use the right sections for threads.

As disclaimed, we can change the rules anytimes.
This month ToS (Terms of Service) and PP (Privacy Policies) will be added to the official Ghostplay website.
As soon as registering and using this website you agree to the T.o.S and privacy policies. If you don't agree, you can request an account termination via e-mail.
Deleting means merging your account with @/mnt/empty user. So all your post will be merged with that account and your contact details will be deleted.

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Not open for further replies.